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Photography is my form of expression…It captured my heart a mere four years ago, letting it go is a thought I would never endorse. What started off as a hobby, as something to occupy my free time has now consumed my entire life. I would admit at first I was contented with photography being my hobby until it became hard to fight off quickly becoming part of my life and lifestyle.
My love for photography gave my life a brighter spark, fused with the limitless beauty of the woman I married, my inspirations are fuelled. She, the woman I married, my wife is my muse. A large part of my interest in photography is the desire to capture every moment of our lives together.
I pride myself in finding the “interesting” in an ordinary place, my art is about observation and doing it well. The naked eye allows you to see what lies in nature, but it takes a special eye to look beyond, capture nature’s beauty and translate it into lasting memories. That’s where I come in! I have learnt and proved that photography has very little to do with what you see but more to do with the way you see them.
All of my photographs are infused with a wealth of enthusiasm and passion, making every one unique and priceless in its own way. I take great pride in my work and that can be seen through the images captured. The pride i speak of is translated into a smile that is implanted on the faces of those view my work, you included.
What began as a curious hobby with stills and wildlife has expanded to portraits and wedding photojournalism. I embrace the idea of tapping into all genres, since life has so many facets, none of which I want to overlook. As my lens alter with the light and capture life’s moments, weather sad or happy, messy or neat, ugly or pretty, black or white I will forever be grateful for the gift of being able to see things from all vantage points and express them in a way that will always bring a smile to someone’s.
I hope you will one day give me the chance to share my passion with you.